Eat Soup – Lose Weight

Yep, a bowl of piping hot soup filled with vegetables not only warms your inside it can actually help you to lose weight!

Soup helps you lose weight and is a great way to get your recommended servings of vegetables each day. Be creative and try different vegetables in soups. Try making your own soup, it’s lower in sodium and has less preservatives.

Be careful of the cheesy and creamy soups because they are higher in calories and fat. Doesn’t mean you can’t ever have them … But be careful of them if you are eating soup to lose weight.

Just enjoy them in moderation. You want to add soup to a nutritionally balanced diet. Do not try to lose weight by only eating soup. For lunch, have soup and a sandwich and for dinner have a cup of soup prior to your meal.
Studies that Show how Eating Soup helps you lose weight:

A two-year French study found that people who ate soup five or six times a week were more slender than those who did not eat soup.

A study by Pennsylvania State University found that people who ate soup one or two times a day as part of a reduced calorie diet were more successful in losing weight.

Another study by Penn State concluded that by beginning a meal with soup, volunteers reduced the amount they ate by an average of 100 calories per meal.

And another study at Penn State found that foods high in water content has a strong impact on feeling full and satisfied … The study was in three parts:

1. The volunteers ate a chicken rice casserole appetizer before their meal

2. The volunteers ate the chicken rice casserole as a soup (The cooks just added one cup of water to the previous rice casserole).

3. The volunteers ate the chicken rice casserole appetizer followed by drinking a glass of water.

The RESULTS – the volunteers ate one third fewer calories when the chicken rice was consumed in soup form. They did not get hungrier earlier or eat a bigger dinner later.

TIP: To reduce the fat in your soup … refrigerate right after you make it. As it cools that fat rises to the top and you can skim it off the surface. Reheat and enjoy!

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