3 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Did you know that there are three easy ways to lose weight?

Eat less, Eat differently, and Move more.

You’re probably saying “Yeah, I knew that, but how exactly do I implement them?”

Once you master these 3 easy ways to lose weight, you’ll be surprised at how easily the pounds come of. Let’s look at the 3 ways individually:
Easy Way to Lose Weight #1 – Eat Less

Many people believe this is the hardest of the three methods for losing weight. It really doesn’t have to be.

Remember eating less doesn’t necessarily mean eating less food – It’s eating fewer calories. Think of creative and imaginative ways to begin to eat less. Here are some tips you can start with:

  • Eat from a smaller plate
  • Fill your plate 1/2 full of low cal vegetables
  • Put each item of food into it’s own small bowl or plate
  • Drink lots of water – most cravings are actually due to thirst
  • Eat a bowl of vegetable soup before each meal
  • Chew each bit thoroughly – Savor the flavor
  • Put your fork down after each bite

The possibilities are endless. Just put on your creative hat and try something new. Be sure to leave us a comment with the tips that help you eat less.
Easy Way to Lose Weight #2 – Eat Differently

You don’t want to do a complete re-haul on your eating behaviors all at once. Begin with small changes and move on from there. You’ll find that there’s really a big payoff when you begin to eat differently.

Most overweight people are really lacking on their 5 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. If this is you, why not try eating just one more serving then you’re currently eating.

If you’re not eating any fruits and vegetables, then start by adding one fruit to your diet each day. Maybe at breakfast or as a mid-morning snack. Fruit is naturally sweet and will help ward off craving later in the day.

Each week add one more serving of fruits or vegetables to your daily diet. Before you know it, you’ll easily be consuming your 5 to 8 servings daily without out much effort or thought on your part.

Other small changes you can make are:

  • Eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread
  • Eat brown rice or whole wheat pasta in place of their white counterparts
  • Begin cooking with olive oil
  • Use one less teaspoon of sugar in your coffee or tea
  • Have a small salad before lunch and dinner

The BIG thing to remember is to change just one thing at a time.
Easy Way to Lose Weight #3 – Move More

Stop groaning …. It’s not that painful. No one is asking you to train for a marathon or workout for hours a day.

You need to start with where you are at right now. Add movement to your regular daily activities.

You should be walking at least 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t need to be all at once though. Try walking in place or walking around your home during commercial breaks – or every hour.

Do you realize if you took a 5 minute walk around your home or office every hour that within ten hours your would have walked for 50 minutes?

Try moving your arms too. Do some stretching exercises. Lift a 5 pound weight at your desk every hour.

Other simple ways to move more include taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, parking further from your destination instead of in front of it, and playing with your kids outside (which would be good for everyone).

Don’t stop with these suggestions, get your creative juices flowing.

Remember, you only have to do three easy things to bring about a weight change.

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